Improve your family’s quality of life!

Our services are capable of making all the rooms of your house organized and shining like the sun, not to mention that they make your daily routine easier and provide your whole family a healthier, less stressful life.


deepa joseph
deepa joseph
Very pleased with the cleaning. Loved that they wiped down the baseboards as well.
Jarmea Paden
Jarmea Paden
My services are always top-tier...I walk into my home after a cleaning and it smells magical. The lines in the carpet, the extra-white window sills, the little TP rosettes...the attention to detail in home cleaning is exactly what to expect and what to enjoy.
Chelsea Bargallo
Chelsea Bargallo
Aqua star does an amazing job thoroughly cleaning. I have used other services in the past and not been happy with the results. This group leaves your entire home at a ten every time!
Dr. Cole
Dr. Cole
The team was fantastic, every square inch was cleaned and they were super honest. I really appreciate them helping to keep our house in order.
Jennifer Stein
Jennifer Stein
Their team is thorough, very polite and professional. It is such a blessing, and has become the best gift to myself!
Marco Nuzzo
Marco Nuzzo
Excellent house cleaning company with many years of experience , I have used them for years . Trustworthy and dependable . I would highly recommend.

Our company has one of the highest Kennesaw based cleaning service ratings, an A+ BBB rating.

How would it be possible to increase the quality of life for everyone who lives together with you?

This is a simple answer for our professionals: through efficient, organized, agile, and attentive cleaning services, we make sure that all viruses and bacteria that may be located at your house are eliminated, thus protecting the health and especially the respiratory system of each person who lives with you.

Another important point that considerably improves your quality of life is that you can better enjoy your free time, since the stress and anxiety that were once present in your life will now be reduced. After all, a clean and organized space 100% improves your mental health.

Our services are for you who want to:

Keep your mental health in great conditions

Always bring a charming appearance to your space

Enjoy your free time

Keep your house always clean and organized

Have at your service a professional and qualified staff to clean your house

Hire professionals that are ready to keep your space flawless

Learn more about our cleaning services:

House Cleaning Services

With our house cleaning services, your residence will be completely clean and organized in order to make your daily life easier and keep its great appearance.

Maid Services

We know that your schedule is a busy one, that is why the best option for you to get rid of a super hard task is to hire our maid services. This way, your house will always be clean and organized, and you can opt for daily or monthly services.

Hire us to bring a new concept of cleanliness and organization for your house!

Move in / Move Out Cleaning

Your transition between residences will be much simpler with our work, since we make the entire space ready to accommodate all your furniture and your family perfectly.

Deep Cleaning

With the deep cleaning services offered by our team, your furniture will be brand new once again and the entire house will be completely clean and organized, not to mention how the air quality will improve considerably.

One Time Cleaning

We are ready to act at any time and keep your house clean and organized. Once you contact us, we take care of everything in order to finish the service as soon as possible for you to enjoy your clean space.

What our services will provide you:

A better quality of life
A renovation of your house that elevates the lifespan of your furniture
A life away from stress and anxiety
Easiness and convenience for your daily life
More organization for your space
More protection for your respiratory system
Welcome to

Aquastar Cleaning Services

We have been performing highly qualified services for over two decades and have always met all the expectations of our customers and friends, so we assure you that our work will meet all your requirements and provide you and your entire family with a simpler, better daily life that is far away from stress.

Acqua Star Cleaning Services has a distinction from other companies: we have one of the highest Kennesaw based cleaning service ratings, with an A+ BBB rating. Our cleaning services are the best in Georgia as we perform everything with great care, professionalism, attention, efficiency, safety and commitment to ensure a magnificent result.

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Information you might like to know about our services

The choice is yours. We provide our own cleaning materials and equipment. If you chose for us to use our own, just let us know.

The exception happens when your team member is sick, takes. No matter what, your cleaning will happen as scheduled.

We do not claim to be perfect. We will listen and rectify any disappointments right away. We will come out the next day right away if you feel strongly about an item. Also, we do unannounced quality checks on the house cleaning staff to ensure dedicated, long term service.

Aquastar Cleaning Services is very careful with your personal and most treasured possessions. We are fully protected with a liability insurance policy and bonded.

There are not complicated contracts. You are never bound to our services

We do, in fact we will not even consider the staffing of a new house cleaner unless they have verifiable references and a stable previous work history. House cleaners must be bondable which means no felony convictions. 

We are pet friendly.