Forget all problems regarding house cleaning!

Our professionals are qualified and know what are the most efficient techniques to apply to each room of your home in order to keep everything shining just like a diamond.

Take care of your entire family with the care, love, and comfort that all of you deserve!

deepa joseph
deepa joseph
Very pleased with the cleaning. Loved that they wiped down the baseboards as well.
Jarmea Paden
Jarmea Paden
My services are always top-tier...I walk into my home after a cleaning and it smells magical. The lines in the carpet, the extra-white window sills, the little TP rosettes...the attention to detail in home cleaning is exactly what to expect and what to enjoy.
Chelsea Bargallo
Chelsea Bargallo
Aqua star does an amazing job thoroughly cleaning. I have used other services in the past and not been happy with the results. This group leaves your entire home at a ten every time!
Dr. Cole
Dr. Cole
The team was fantastic, every square inch was cleaned and they were super honest. I really appreciate them helping to keep our house in order.
Jennifer Stein
Jennifer Stein
Their team is thorough, very polite and professional. It is such a blessing, and has become the best gift to myself!
Marco Nuzzo
Marco Nuzzo
Excellent house cleaning company with many years of experience , I have used them for years . Trustworthy and dependable . I would highly recommend.

Learn more about kitchen and bathroom cleaning, since these are the rooms that most need attention:

These two rooms go through detailed sanitizing processes to bring completely transformed results for you and your family, thus delivering comfort and safety to everyone.

How it works

From the moment you contact our team, all of our professionals start their jobs to bring 100% satisfying results to you. We take care of each step of your house cleaning just like we clean our homes with love, attention, dedication, respect, and agility, since we are responsible to transform your home and give it a magnificent look.

Check out the services included in our house cleaning:

Kitchen Cleaning Services

As part of offering kitchen cleaning services, we clean every corner of your kitchen, remove dirt and debris from your kitchen floor, wipe all of your kitchen surfaces and offer additional cleaning services.

Bedroom Cleaning Services

Your bedroom should be the most comfortable room in your home, which is why it is important that you choose a reputable and expert maid service to clean your bedroom. So, while you spend your free time handling other matters, allow us to tidy up your bedroom.

Bathroom Cleaning Services

It is important to maintain a clean bathroom from a hygienic point of view. Likewise, when it comes to aesthetics, a neat bathroom looks good and is inviting. Our bathroom cleaning experts will make sure that when you step into your bathroom, it is spotless.

Dining & Living Room Cleaning Services

You, your family and guests use your living and dining room on a very regular basis. As a result, this room is often the hardest to keep clean. Yet it is also the most important room to maintain. However, the good news is that with our dining and living room cleaning services, you can achieve all of this.

Laundry Area Cleaning Services

We offer the following dependable and reliable laundry area cleaning services:
  • Wiping and washing your dryer
  • Removal of all cobwebs
  • Vacuuming and mopping your floors with our environmentally safe cleaning agents


Are you tired of arriving home after a hard day at work and not having the energy to clean your home?

Do not worry, we have the solution to your problems! See below the benefits in hiring our house cleaning services:

You will be able to enjoy your free time better

Your family’s respiratory systems will be protected

You will have an optimized routine

Your house will become more beautiful

You and your family will feel better inside your home

You will live in a much more welcoming and cozy space

Welcome to

Aquastar Cleaning Services

We have been performing highly qualified services for over two decades and have always met all the expectations of our customers and friends, so we assure you that our work will meet all your requirements and provide you and your entire family with a simpler, better daily life that is far away from stress.

Acqua Star Cleaning Services has a distinction from other companies: we have one of the highest Kennesaw based cleaning service ratings, with an A+ BBB rating. Our cleaning services are the best in Georgia as we perform everything with great care, professionalism, attention, efficiency, safety and commitment to ensure a magnificent result.

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